Hinton Wood Home rated "Good" with "Outstanding" for the effectiveness of leaders and managers by Ofsted

This article was published on: 10.11.2017

Beaufort Care Group are happy to announce that our Hinton Wood home has achieved a standard of ‘good’ with "Outstanding" for the effectiveness of leaders and managers as a result of the latest OFSTED inspection in October 2017. The inspection highlighted that:

•The children and young people receive high-quality, child-focused care. They have excellent relationships with the staff and feel comfortable in speaking with them about any worries. As a result, all the children have made good progress since they came to live in the home.

•The registered manager prioritises safeguarding children. The home’s risk assessments for individual children are exceptionally good. The manager ensures that the staff’s training is up to date and monitors any risky situations very closely. Whenever there is a concern about a child’s safety, the registered manager requests a risk management meeting. This brings extra professional expertise to the situation.

•The staff hold frequent, in-depth key-working meetings with children. This helps children to make sense of and learn from their experiences.

•The registered manager is a skilled and respected leader who always encourages her staff to see the positives in every child. She has built a strong team and supervises them well. Management monitoring is extremely good. There are excellent systems in place to help managers to track the children’s progress in the home.

•The children receive exceptional levels of support. The staff are dedicated and child-centred in their practice. All the children in the home have good, and in some cases exceptional, outcomes and experiences.

•The home has a very skilled, experienced registered manager. She holds a qualification at level 5 in leadership and management. The practice manager is also highly experienced and working towards her level 5 award. They have complementary skills, and, between them, they manage the home to an exceptionally high standard.

•All professionals who commented were full of praise about the home. They particularly value the registered manager’s communication skills. They also appreciate the staff’s commitment and understanding of the children’s needs.