Individual behaviour – Child Development, Attachment and Trauma

In October 2013 Beaufort Care Group commenced a structured programme of training and reflective learning in child development, attachment and trauma throughout our Homes in using theoretical principles.  Dr Alisha Azzopardi, a Clinical Psychologist with over 13 years experience working for the NHS, Local Authorities, Schools and the private sector delivers this programme to our teams.

At Beaufort, Alisha works with our staff teams to ensure we offer the best possible service of therapeutic care to all young people. She provides clinical consultation to each home, with the aim of enhancing their insights into the internal world of children and young people with Relational and Developmental Trauma. In addition to this, she also designs and delivers bespoke training days for staff wishing to enhance their knowledge and understanding of children in care

The team support young people through this porgramme to work towards the following outcomes:  

Increased placement stability; fewer behavioural eruptions and incidents; happier young people; confident team

Improved understanding of individual behavior in a group setting

Increased confidence in managing the resident group and using group activities effectively for changing behaviour

Decreasing criminalization of challenging behavior, triggered by emotional responses. Specifically less Police involvement in incidents of behavior management

Progress against these outcomes and individual outcomes for young people are monitored through supervision, keyworker sessions with young people, resident meetings, team sessions with Alisha and analysis of statistical indicators of engagement by young people such as frequency of absences, substance use, keyworker sessions and activities.   The information gathered each month is evaluated and reported in quarterly reviews of the Homes Development plan as part of the statutory monitoring process required by Children’s Homes Regulations (Reg 45).  Bi - Annual reports for the Home are forwarded to Ofsted and made available to the Independent Visitor.  Access to reports by parents, carers and social workers will be given on request to the Registered Manager and subject to consideration of issues of confidentiality issues.   

Alisha has also made links with Southampton University Clinical Psychology Doctorate Training Course, with a view to establishing Research opportunities for Beaufort