Individual behaviour – Child Development, Attachment and Trauma

In October 2013 Beaufort Care Group commenced a structured programme of training and reflective learning in child development, attachment and trauma throughout our Homes in using theoretical principles.  

Weekly psychological consultation, supervision, therapy and training is provided to our homes within Beaufort Care Group by Dr Katika Varadi, Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

Dr Katika Varadi is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist registered with the HCPC with 15 years of experience working within various clinical settings.

She has experience in additional specialised areas of psychological practice and is trained in a variety of specialist therapeutic approaches including ACT, Schema Therapy, EMDR, and CBT. Dr Katika Varadi has developed a wide range of skills in professional post-graduate teaching, training and supervision across all of her working roles. She has completed advanced supervision skills training (BPS accredited) and subsequently supervised Qualified, Trainee and Assistant Psychologists within a range of professional settings.

She has also provided training within impatient settings and residential homes on a wide range of topics including Bereavement Support for people with a diagnosis of ASD and LD, Positive Behaviour Support (PBS), Risk Assessment (START), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Historical and Clinical Risk assessment (HCR-20 v3), Personality Disorders, DDP orientated practice, therapeutic skills and formulation. She has contributed to the development of a CPD structure ensuring regular training provision for AP's and teams, as well as professionals from other MDT disciplines on relevant topics to enhance working practices.

She recognises the importance of understanding the context in which individual's problems are experienced as these contribute to the shared working formulation of their difficulties. Dr Katika Varadi takes a holistic approach to her work with clients and teams, incorporating trauma informed and relational ways of working, in order to formulate the development and maintenance of the individual’s problems within their current context. She is adept at offering professionalism and containment within highly emotive contexts. In particular due to her experience of supporting staff teams in care/residential homes through the use of consultation and formulation.


She provides positive and responsive care and support and recognises the value of reflective practice within this as a means of supporting staff teams to formulate and process working with challenging client groups. This has been pertinent to ensure that team are not traumatized within their working environments, enabling them to continue to deliver high quality and compassionate care to their clients.


She has extensive experience working as part of a multidisciplinary team in which it is imperative to be able to represent psychology and promote psychological ways of thinking about client care. This can involve being aware of complex dynamics that operate within different disciplines and navigating these in order to foster positive working relationships amongst team. Dr Katika Varadi is comfortable holding a differing view point to other disciplines as driven by her clinical formulation. Within this she will advocate on behalf of the client's needs tailoring and adapting interventions to meet the needs of the children within Beaufort Care, with a particular focus on children who have experienced significant trauma