Bailey House


Bailey House is a detached 5 bedroom, well-presented home located in Charminster, Bournemouth. The home is situated in a residential street, within easy access to local amenities, transport links and services.  There are four main bedrooms within the Home. There are currently two rooms designated for team members sleeping-in, one in the office and the 5th bedroom with en-suite bathroom.

The team at Bailey House have a wide range of backgrounds, varied experience and knowledge of working with young people. Ages range widely from 23 years to over 50 years. Our team consists of six full time members, two team members on each shift, usually one female and one male. We also have additional team members who are part-time to cover annual leave and additional staffing when required.

Our belief is that in order for young people to feel cared for and to achieve their full potential they must live in an environment that respects their diversity, offers them positive life experiences and enables them to develop positive relationships with adults. We strongly believe that in order for young people to gain control of their future they must be involved in every aspect of decision making that has a direct impact upon their lives.