TD’s Social Worker PM

When asked what his views were on the home environment and PM reported - “Very good. TD has moved rooms twice I think, and whilst I have not seen the current bedroom I have seen the ones before and they were good and he has been happy with them. The home is welcoming and TD has a good relationship with staff”.

When asked about his thoughts on how the Beaufort team provide positive parenting and behaviour support PM reported - “It’s through their attitude to him which is positive and they role model positive behaviour and responses to difficult situations. He has matured in the six months since he went there and is not presenting with the problems he was in secure accommodation. For example, he was being restrained a lot and that has not happened once at Beaufort, he has also not carried knives which he had done previously. He has a positive relationship with the manager and a positive relationship with his key-worker C.   C; I would say, has considered a lot how to go about his support of TD and has been a good role model for sharing how a young man thinks and works through problems; he has provided care rather than just key working. Previously I would have said that TD had more of a problem with women with negative attitudes towards them but there are three or four women at Beaufort and he is building relationships with them. I would not say those relationships are maternal, but the female staff, and all the staff, are fair with him whilst implementing boundaries, and over time he has appreciated their consistency I think”.