Team Teach

Challenging behaviour – Team Teach

A new framework for managing challenging behaviour was introduced in all Beaufort Care Group Homes in December 2012 known as Prime Care Training (PCT delivered by Jovan Lazic, (  During the period since 2012 there has been an increase in the number of teams of practitioners across the company and the use of a different, and previously used, framework, Team Teach, ( has become more viable in terms of our ability to utilise experience and training expertise within the company.   Therefore we have re-introduced Team Teach in place of Prime Care.  Genuine trust and attachment is promoted within relationships between young people and practitioner which facilitates and supports the use of behaviour management techniques including de-escalation and restraint in response to high risk behaviour.  In managing behaviour Practitioners are encouraged to use their knowledge of individual young people to support them effectively and to use professional judgement in accordance with the principle that all measures of physical intervention should be a last resort that is necessary, reasonable, justifiable, proportionate and clearly accounted for in records and supervision. 

Beaufort Care Group team members will all be trained in Team Teach.  We currently have three trained employees who are Team Teach tutors. Team Teach is training in positive behavioural supports through a whole setting holistic approach. Team Teach aims to safeguard young people and services whilst helping reduce risk, restraint and restriction.  Team Teach emphasises a spectrum of gradual and graded responses to reduce the probability of challenging behaviour escalating towards violence. The emphasis is always on preventative measures: environmental management, defusion and de-escalation, which should make up more than 95% of our responses. Where these approaches are insufficient risk-reducing physical interventions are designed to keep young people safe as part of a holistic response.