Beaufort Home is a four bedroom residential children's home located in Southbourne, Bournemouth.

We pride ourselves in supporting young people aged 10-17 with the transition into our residential home and offer support for young people to remain safe whilst offering them every opportunity to flourish and develop in collaboration with external partners and local authorities.

The culture at Beaufort Home is to treat each young person as an individual and support is shaped to meet that young persons individual needs. At Beaufort Home we strongly believe that young people should have a voice in the services that we deliver and consultation with our young people is promoted within our ethos.

Jo is the Registered Manager of Beaufort Home

Our home is forever moving forward and we are working exceedingly hard to promote the best outcomes for our young people; hoping to work towards achieving outstanding status for our young people and the home. Our Jo  is supporting and positive and keen to continue to develop our home, Joregularly monitors and reviews the teams training and development as well as the progression of the young people.

Some of our young people are in the process of moving on to independence as part of their individual pathway plan. The team endeavour to promote positive decision making to enable the young people to feel confident and ensure that they're voice is heard when creating their individual pathway plan, that it is achievable and suits their needs and wishes. To support this process all information is shared to promote a consistent approach with a positive outcome.

The home is well maintained with planned works for the coming year and the young people are encouraged to take ownership of the home with input regarding decoration etc.