Beaufort Care Group Homes

Beaufort Care Group is based on the south coast and has four residential homes for young people and children in the Bournemouth area.  Our homes provide high quality residential child care for children and young people aged 8-17 years old with complex emotional and behavioural difficulties and needs.  Admissions to our homes are planned in advance and usually involve family members and professionals. At this stage a free assessment is carried out prior to admission. Each young person then receives a tailored package of care that meets their unique needs.

Beaufort Care Group strives to offer a stable, friendly and welcoming environment for all the young people and children living in the homes. Beaufort Care Group will consider emergency referrals in certain circumstances.

The Beaufort Care Group’s aim is to provide children and young people with support, encouragement and new life experiences. We facilitate this by creating  safe and nurturing environments where positive relationships can be built, helping children and young people to repair and learn new strategies to support their emotional and behavioural needs. We aim to build their resilience and confidence in order to achieve their personal best and the best possible outcomes individual to each child or young person.

Our ethos and approach consists of reflective practice, understanding adolescence and transitions, providing emotional nurture and learning through naturally occurring consequence and attachment theory which is influenced and supported by the latest findings from neuroscience research.

Our vision at Beaufort Care is to provide great quality care, of good value to children and young people and the services who support them.