New Park


New Park is a 4 bedroom Victorian detached home, based in the seaside resort of Bournemouth, in Dorset. It is a Victorian detached house, set in a residential street, 2 minutes away from the town centre of Southbourne. Southbourne is a small suburb of Bournemouth, with lots of shops and restaurants, as well as the beach. There are parks, schools and colleges, as well as a train station & library. There is a main bus route into Bournemouth Town Centre. The Little down Leisure Centre and Castle Point Shopping Centre may be reached easily and safely by bus or bicycle. There are a number of churches within walking distance and the Islamic Centre & Central Mosque, Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation and Bournemouth Reform Synagogue are a short drive or bus ride away. 

The Home has a history of working with boys and girls aged between 13 and 17 years (and registered for boys and girls aged 9-17 years) with complex needs arising from emotional trauma and the subsequent impact on behaviour including presenting issues of self-harm, inappropriate sexualised behaviour, loss, bereavement and attachment trauma, substance use and frequent absence from home or school. They may have experienced some form of neglect or abuse including sexual exploitation. As a result, our young people can face uphill challenges and must deal with a range of complex feelings.

The Home provides care for young people formally accommodated by a Local Authority in accordance with Section 20 or Section 31 (Care Order) of the Children Act (1989) and placed in the Home. Placements may be short or long term from between one day and up to 3 years or more. Young people are usually placed from foster or adoption placement or other residential placement that has been ended and, therefore, most have experienced a number of placements, multiple carers and repeated change and loss. We occasionally admit young people directly from their family home with no prior experience of placements. Young people may move back to their family, onto another foster or residential placement or onto independent living.